What to do with scraps?

I accumulate a lot of fabric scraps, and so I'm always trying to think of what best to use them for.  When making my handbags I end up with skinny strips so what better way to put them to good use than to make some new notepad covers.
I had already made some for the kids, who are already on week 3 of the summer holidays.  You can easily sew up all your scraps, no matter how small, to cover a notebook.  I'm hoping to get a little 'me' time during the holidays to write an easy tutorial for these covers.
Meanwhile if you don't fancy making these, they are available to purchase here.

How cute is this wee guy?  I was asked by a friend, who works at a local hotel, to make a rucksack for their Teddy.   It has to hold a notepad and pen, with the intention that the Teddy will spend the day with a young guest and any adventures can be noted in the pad.
Although essentially I was still making a bag, which I make rather a lot of, it was a refreshing change to come up with a new design, and figure out how best to put it together.  With the rucksack being a far smaller scale it's more fiddly than the size of handbags I usually sew.

And it was no surprise to me that after Master and Miss World saw the rucksack, I'm having to make another couple.  Just as well I made a template!!