Tooth Fairy Pocket

After lots and lots of nagging from my lovely 'little worlds', I have finally made both of them a little felt tooth pocket.  The Tooth Fairy has already visited Miss World 8 times now. 

On one occasion Miss World had cared for her pearly white all day and had placed it under her pillow, with great excitement, however her little brother was extremely curious and took the tooth to play with, managing to loose it - much distress followed as you can imagine, however the clever fairy used her magic to find the missing tooth, well at least we think she must have, as a shiny coin was left that night.

Another time the Tooth Fairy was SO busy she didn't manage to collect Miss World's tooth but did leave a coin and a lovely teeny, tiny, hand written note of explanation and apologies the following night.  Mr World is yet to embark on his relationship with the Tooth Fairy, so fingers crossed his one won't be so absent minded ;0)

As you can see I made the pockets from felt, 14cm long by 5.5cm wide.  Stitched together using embroidery thread and a little ribbon and button attached.
The pink pocket looks squint but I assure you it's just the photo - honest!.  Needless to say I've been asked to make a few more.  Why not have a go yourself, would make a great present - especially with Christmas coming up.  I'd love to see what designs you come up with.

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Sam said...

Very cute, and such a nice idea. We have the absent-minded toothfairy visit us too ;-)

Sam x (A Simple Melody)