The girl behind the world

Welcome to my world - Marice's World.

I'm a crafty girl (okay i'm a woman who doesn't really want to grow up) living in the Highlands of Scotland, happily settled with Mr World, Little Miss World and Master World.  Crafting is what makes me tick, i love the simple things in life and I like to think everything is 'no worries'.

Sitting creating in my own world gives me great pleasure and I get really excited when i'm making things - expecially in the final stages.  It's a hobby that has spilled over into my daily life. you know it's great getting to do things you love and this is one of them.  I never make more than two of any item, i like keeping things special and unique - who would want a mass produced item anyway - surely thats what supermarket's are for LOL. 

Thank you for taking a peek at my world and if you like what you see, then why not follow me....

Marice x