I feel the need for tweed

I've found it very difficult squeezing in any crafting lately, you see I'm one of those people who can't say no, which inevitably means I have neglected my poor blog whilst suffering terribly from 'crafting' withdrawals.  And so to correct this I managed to throw caution to the wind yesterday and made my 2nd tweed bag. 

I'm rather chuffed with how it turned out.  Due to time constraints I find myself sticking to the same old pattern, as I know it like the back of my hand, however I did make a couple of subtle changes.   
I used two different colours of material, making panels for the front and back of the bag before I could begin sewing it together, which I find the most exciting part.  the other alteration was to the pleats, which are inwards instead of out.
The brooch is removable, and I couldn't decide where on the handbag it looks best ... top left  or bottom middle ... oh decisions, decisions. :0)

Totally shocked and delighted ...

Remember I entered a competition at Ragamuffin?  Well I didn't win but (drum roll) ...  I did get a runners up position - woo hoo !!!  This is the lovely prize I received.

Gorgeous wool from Wales

Tweed rosette brooch

Mustard Shetland Tweed

and last but not least some VERY funky buttons

Oh I am one very lucky girl ;0)

Scraps of fabric

What do you do with your fabric scraps?  I hate throwing things out, so I have a drawer with every - and I mean every scrap I've been left with.  Each bit loved SO much I can't bare to throw it out.  Needless to say the drawer is full, no that's an understatement, it's bulging to the point of being crushed within an inch of it's life.

Most recent I have been left with grey fleece scraps from making the new hot water bottle covers.  So after some careful cutting I made this...

A cosy fleece flower for my hair.  Okay, so it doesn't exactly keep my head warm but it sure looks like it does.  It's time for me to pack away all the flimsy, floaty summer accessories and get out the winter woolies - yeah! As some of you will know I'm a hat person so it's my favorite time of year. 

The true fleece colour is closest to the above flower.  Not quite sure what has happened to the two photos below, they've gone a shade of blue? 

I'm really pleased with how the clip has turned out.  I've had a few lovely comments from people too - which is always nice.  As I've dark brown hair, the grey stands out well, also it's my 'colour of the moment'.  I go through phases of favourite colours.  Last time it was turquoise, which goes rather well when teamed with grey, so I'm not completely colourless ha ha.

Tooth Fairy Pocket

After lots and lots of nagging from my lovely 'little worlds', I have finally made both of them a little felt tooth pocket.  The Tooth Fairy has already visited Miss World 8 times now. 

On one occasion Miss World had cared for her pearly white all day and had placed it under her pillow, with great excitement, however her little brother was extremely curious and took the tooth to play with, managing to loose it - much distress followed as you can imagine, however the clever fairy used her magic to find the missing tooth, well at least we think she must have, as a shiny coin was left that night.

Another time the Tooth Fairy was SO busy she didn't manage to collect Miss World's tooth but did leave a coin and a lovely teeny, tiny, hand written note of explanation and apologies the following night.  Mr World is yet to embark on his relationship with the Tooth Fairy, so fingers crossed his one won't be so absent minded ;0)

As you can see I made the pockets from felt, 14cm long by 5.5cm wide.  Stitched together using embroidery thread and a little ribbon and button attached.
The pink pocket looks squint but I assure you it's just the photo - honest!.  Needless to say I've been asked to make a few more.  Why not have a go yourself, would make a great present - especially with Christmas coming up.  I'd love to see what designs you come up with.

Hotties are back ;0)

As much as I love making bags, it is SO nice to have a change of scenery.  I've been making my hot water bottles again.  This year though I have got a couple of new designs - so far!  I make them out of gorgeous soft grey fleece, which is stretchy too, so your hot water bottle is nice and snug.  I find it very therapeutic sewing blanket stitch, I think it gives the cover a real old fashioned, cosy, homely feel.  Here's a sneak peak before they head for Folksy.  What do you think?
Introducing ... 'Wishing on a Star'...

... and 'Strawberry Dreams'.

The strawberry even has tiny pips, unfortunately it's difficult to see in the photograph.  Last year I made green, purple, pink and blue hotties, I've decided to work towards a rainbow of them.

Hope you're all having a lovely Tuesday, if you're looking for my usual 'Tuesday Tips' they will be returning in a couple of weeks.                             
See you soon... Marice x

Got my button swap - yipee !!

I joined Noodlebubbles Everlasting Button Swap as I'm ever so slightly obsessed with buttons  I love picking up unusual ones from charity shops.  I mostly use them on the cards I make, and large ones always make great centres for fabric brooches.  I was partnered with Ina from The Netherlands.  Ina doesn't have a blog but is on flickr.  She is a very talented lady, she does quilting, cross-stitch and sewing.  Here's the lovely buttons I received.

I'm loving the turquoise flower power button in the middle, also the little pink rose.  All of Ina's buttons have interesting texture and designs.  Here's the buttons I sent Ina.

So a huge thank you to Lisa from Noodlebubble who organised the button swap.  There's no closing date so if you'd like to join in, then just send Lisa an e-mail.


Time flies when you're having fun eh! Yes, I can confirm that is true.  The past 3 weeks have flown in.  We went to visit family on the Isle of Skye.  It was fantastic to get away and recharge the batteries.  Where we stay there is no phone signal - absolute bliss, and I never turned on the computer once.  Sorry to anyone who did miss me but I SO enjoyed not having to answer to anyone or anything.  While on holiday though I couldn't resist buying some fabric from Ragamuffin in Armadale.  They were selling of Shetland Tweed for charity and running a competition, on their blog, to see what their customer made with the tweed.  Naturally I made a handbag, as I'm obsessed with making them at the moment.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
I love the autumnal colours, mustard, brick and dark brown.  I always make removal brooches with my bags however this time I stitched the flowers straight onto the bag. 

The photos look a little dull, as the colours in real life are very vibrant.  The competition closes at the end of August so fingers crossed for me ;0)   Hope you are all well,  I've got loads of your blogs to be catching up with, best make a large pot of tea and get reading. x

Create your Wish List

Yes... it's only 20 weeks until the 'C' word, and I can't wait.  I love buying presents far more than receiving.  As a child I was hopeless at keeping secrets, regarding presents, but through age I guess I've managed to keep tight lipped although it is still proving very difficult for me.  I just get SO excited I want to blurt it out. 

Calling all Folksy lovers ...
Yes you CAN add Folksy items to your wish list. 

What I'd Love.co.uk allows you to create numerous lists, and has an added feature of password protect, handy for Christmas lists.  You can use it for birthdays, weddings ... anything at all, you decide.  Once you have your list ready, you can e-mail it to all your friends and family.  It even shows the pictures of the items you've chosen.  Just think no more unwanted gifts, wasted time or money.  What better way to shop, knowing the gift you buy is already wanted and loved.  And what's better is there's no charge for the service.  If someone buys you something from your list, it will be removed to prevent duplicate presents and creates a thank you for you to send. 

Go and check it out http://www.whatidlove.co.uk/

Tuesday's Tip

Have you ever had a bird poo on you? ... No? Well I have, on quite a few occasions, just a pity that the 'luck' doesn't fall with it!.  Recently I was in town on a beautiful sunny day when I was hit with the unfriendly fire, right down my cheek and neatly landed, down my t-shirt, inbetween my boobs.  I had to ask Mr World if a bird just poo'd on me as I wasn't quite sure just what had happened, it was all so quick.  He looked at me and we both burst out laughing, Yip, it was bulls eye.  I was just so thankful that it never went all over my hair or clothes, yes it was disgusting having poo down my chest but it was a hard lump, as apposed to the runny version, so ....okay I know - enough poo talk, you get the gist.  Just to add though... yes, I did play the lottery that evening, and no, I never won anything, nor did I even match one number, so was I lucky having a bird poo on me? I think not.
Today's Tip

Bird Droppings: to clean them off outdoors, simply spray it with full strength vinegar and wipe off, or spray onto cloth first then wipe.

Whilst you have the vinegar out why not clean your plastic garden furniture, spray with the vinegar and this will remove mildew and any build up of dirt.  The vinegar should also prevent the mildew reappearing for a while.

Hope you have a lucky day ;0)

And the winner is ...

The winner of the Nintendo Pouch Giveaway is ....

Well done ...

 Dottie Designs sells perfectly handmade Guest Books, Photo Albums and Keepsake Boxes.  She also personalises them for that unique gift.  Dottie also has a fab blog well worth checking out.

Thank you to the others who entered and for your lovely comments, Dottie your Pouch will be whisking it's way to you as soon as I have a postal address.

Tuesday's Tip

We're into our 4th week of our summer holidays now, and surprisingly I have not pulled any of my hair out ...yet! ha ha.  Although I may start very soon, but not because the kids are playing up, I've discovered these strange long, thick, curly, white hairs which Mr World described as fishing wire - nice eh!  My 'normal' hair is long, brown and wavy... these little long buggers are multiplying and fast.  I liked my white hairs when they were well hidden under my fringe however on finding one of the fishing wires attached to my head, springing straight up,  I soon realised they are all over.  Hmm, am I bothered? I really don't know.  I suffer from 'know one can tell my age, or even guess close'.  You see I still get asked for I.D. when buying alcohol (so does that mean I look 17?)  I went to the bookies a couple of weeks ago (to place a bet for some else, not me honest!) and was refused as I didn't appear to be 25, and yet last weekend one of Mr World's friends I was introduced to, although he knew Mr World was younger than me, placed me at around 40!  I'd like to think that I have a youthful look but with a wise old head on my shoulders lol ;0)

Back to the summer holidays... Today's tip is a boredom buster.  Make a board game.  It doesn't take as long as you'd think and the only limit is your imagination. 

We started with an A3 size of paper, if you don't have a large piece then you could use a sheet of wrapping, wall paper or tape 4x A4 pages together.  While we were having a chat about what we would like to have in our game, we designed the counters.  Miss World had a good idea to use buttons on them, gives little fingers something to grab onto when counting out their turn.  Once you have the counters you can draw the squares to fit your counters.

We decided a house for the start, going over a river, through a play park and ice cream was the finish.  Not wanting the kids to get bored too quickly we didn't make a plan, just dived straight in and started drawing, colouring and used some stamps for quickness too.

Making forfeit cards was a good idea too as these can be changed or added too.  I found having 32 squares keeps it short enough to hold young ones attention.  If you don't have a dice available either use an old box or cut out a hexagon from card and push a cocktail stick through the middle using it as a spinner.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway ... a handy Pouch for a Nintendo DS, scroll down to the end of the tutorial and all I'm asking is you leave a comment.  Hope you're enjoying you're week... and my real age? 34 well for now- it's my birthday soon. :0)

Folksy Friday

Todays folksy friday's collection is photographs and prints.

Boudoir by Moontide Photography Vintage Sewing machine by Moontide Photography
Vintage Camera & Cupcake Print by Photography by Holly Cupcake Print by Photography by Holly
A Love Letter by lola's Room Travel Stories by Lola's Room

Catch all the other happy folksters displaying there favourite finds on the linky below
Enjoy the rest of your friday and remember to enter my giveaway for the Nintendo DS Pouch

Making a pouch for Nintendo DS Part 3

Almost finished our pouches now, just the front flap and closure to make.

Take the remaining two pieces of fabric.  Line up alongside the made pouch, you want the front flap to be able to fold over in between the two straps, so you'll need to trim a bit off.  With right sides together stitch along 3 sides, leaving one of the short sides open to enable turning right way.

To attach the flap to the pouch, lay it on top of the pouch, as if it were open and sew along the top (open) edge.  This also closes the raw, open edge of the flap.  Now for the finishing touches.  Sew a piece of elastic and a button on the front to close.  Tidy up any threads using a needle and pulling threads inside pouch before snipping excess.

Ta da ... there you have it, a pouch to carry your DSI in safely.  I incorporated a game pocket inside in my kids pouches, it's easily done when you are forming the lining and before attaching it to the main pouch.  So there's still time to get stitching before the holidays and your DSI will be carried safely around - great if you're away on holiday too.
To win this pouch... 
all you have to do is leave a comment below to be entered,
and I'll draw a winner on Sunday 31st July 2010.

Here's the pictures of Miss and Master World's pouches I made before they went on holiday, and I'm very pleased to say they loved them.  What's more is they managed not to loose the little stylus or their spare games - phew, definitely worth making them just for that!