Making the most of the quiet hour...

I've finally stepped up a gear, I really don't know where the imaginary force field that sometimes holds me back comes from?  Most of the time I'm very organised, (Mr World may disagree here) other times I just drift along willy-nilly in Marice's World.  

I am most definitely a morning person but I tend to switch on the tele for the news and get far too distracted, if there's a newspaper or better still one of my crafty magazines lying around, I'll flick through it and time just disappears.  

This week I've been creeping down to my work space (which is still under the stairs but not for long!) and making the most out of the quiet time before Miss and Master World arise from their slumber.  Now that I'm writing this I know what is helping, it is having a clear idea of what I'll be creating tomorrow.  At bedtime I come up with a plan of what to make the next morning and visualise, even dream, about doing it!

I'm amazed at just how much I manage to accomplish in this quiet hour.  I've already doubled my production rate, which on paper seems impossible.  Secretly, I like to think time must stand still when it's still dark outside. So three cheers for the winter, productive mornings and cosy nights.  ;0)