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Yes... it's only 20 weeks until the 'C' word, and I can't wait.  I love buying presents far more than receiving.  As a child I was hopeless at keeping secrets, regarding presents, but through age I guess I've managed to keep tight lipped although it is still proving very difficult for me.  I just get SO excited I want to blurt it out. 

Calling all Folksy lovers ...
Yes you CAN add Folksy items to your wish list. 

What I'd allows you to create numerous lists, and has an added feature of password protect, handy for Christmas lists.  You can use it for birthdays, weddings ... anything at all, you decide.  Once you have your list ready, you can e-mail it to all your friends and family.  It even shows the pictures of the items you've chosen.  Just think no more unwanted gifts, wasted time or money.  What better way to shop, knowing the gift you buy is already wanted and loved.  And what's better is there's no charge for the service.  If someone buys you something from your list, it will be removed to prevent duplicate presents and creates a thank you for you to send. 

Go and check it out

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