I feel the need for tweed

I've found it very difficult squeezing in any crafting lately, you see I'm one of those people who can't say no, which inevitably means I have neglected my poor blog whilst suffering terribly from 'crafting' withdrawals.  And so to correct this I managed to throw caution to the wind yesterday and made my 2nd tweed bag. 

I'm rather chuffed with how it turned out.  Due to time constraints I find myself sticking to the same old pattern, as I know it like the back of my hand, however I did make a couple of subtle changes.   
I used two different colours of material, making panels for the front and back of the bag before I could begin sewing it together, which I find the most exciting part.  the other alteration was to the pleats, which are inwards instead of out.
The brooch is removable, and I couldn't decide where on the handbag it looks best ... top left  or bottom middle ... oh decisions, decisions. :0)

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