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Having lost my motivation, for what seems like an eternity, and with Life getting in the way of Art, I really longed to crawl my way out of reality and take a leap back head first into crafting.

Dichroic Glass Pendant

Desperate to get back into the flow of creativity I was very fortunate to find Speedcrafting.  The exquisite Joni and Kev from Hung, put together an exciting collection of crafts to experiment with.  I've dabbled in dichroic glass, lino printing, braiding, appliqué and fantasy film, to name a few.  Having never worked with glass before I have to say it was my favourite.

Braided Cufflet

Since the beginning of the year I've been saving up for a kiln, just a small one, for pure curiosity and to broaden my creative horizons.  However, since joining in the Speedcrafting fun, Joni has introduced me to an alternative option.  It's called the HotPot, it's for fusing glass and you put in the microwave!! 

  Knitted Art
Picking up a set of knitting needles brought back memories from school.  I surprised myself that I was able to cast on without knowing what i was doing, it just happened without me thinking and before I knew it I was clicking away with the needles.  It was really interesting trying different sized needles and wool, even managed a bit of Purl too.

 Recycled Plastic Bracelet
My bracelet was made out of an old milk bottle, and despite what you may think, the edge of the discs are not at all sharp, a great idea for kids to make.

Recycled scarf / necklace
Last but certainly not least is the necklace made from an old t-shirt.  Although I learnt lots of new techniques on the day, I had no idea that when you cut a t-shirt into strips and stretch them, the t-shirt becomes tubular - if that's the right way to describe it?  I was amazed at how effective it is.

So having tried some new crafts, did I get my crafting mojo back? ... I certainly did ... back to sewing and making, aah now that feels better.  Onwards and upwards!

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