Got my button swap - yipee !!

I joined Noodlebubbles Everlasting Button Swap as I'm ever so slightly obsessed with buttons  I love picking up unusual ones from charity shops.  I mostly use them on the cards I make, and large ones always make great centres for fabric brooches.  I was partnered with Ina from The Netherlands.  Ina doesn't have a blog but is on flickr.  She is a very talented lady, she does quilting, cross-stitch and sewing.  Here's the lovely buttons I received.

I'm loving the turquoise flower power button in the middle, also the little pink rose.  All of Ina's buttons have interesting texture and designs.  Here's the buttons I sent Ina.

So a huge thank you to Lisa from Noodlebubble who organised the button swap.  There's no closing date so if you'd like to join in, then just send Lisa an e-mail.


Time flies when you're having fun eh! Yes, I can confirm that is true.  The past 3 weeks have flown in.  We went to visit family on the Isle of Skye.  It was fantastic to get away and recharge the batteries.  Where we stay there is no phone signal - absolute bliss, and I never turned on the computer once.  Sorry to anyone who did miss me but I SO enjoyed not having to answer to anyone or anything.  While on holiday though I couldn't resist buying some fabric from Ragamuffin in Armadale.  They were selling of Shetland Tweed for charity and running a competition, on their blog, to see what their customer made with the tweed.  Naturally I made a handbag, as I'm obsessed with making them at the moment.  I'm really pleased with how it turned out.
I love the autumnal colours, mustard, brick and dark brown.  I always make removal brooches with my bags however this time I stitched the flowers straight onto the bag. 

The photos look a little dull, as the colours in real life are very vibrant.  The competition closes at the end of August so fingers crossed for me ;0)   Hope you are all well,  I've got loads of your blogs to be catching up with, best make a large pot of tea and get reading. x

Create your Wish List

Yes... it's only 20 weeks until the 'C' word, and I can't wait.  I love buying presents far more than receiving.  As a child I was hopeless at keeping secrets, regarding presents, but through age I guess I've managed to keep tight lipped although it is still proving very difficult for me.  I just get SO excited I want to blurt it out. 

Calling all Folksy lovers ...
Yes you CAN add Folksy items to your wish list. 

What I'd allows you to create numerous lists, and has an added feature of password protect, handy for Christmas lists.  You can use it for birthdays, weddings ... anything at all, you decide.  Once you have your list ready, you can e-mail it to all your friends and family.  It even shows the pictures of the items you've chosen.  Just think no more unwanted gifts, wasted time or money.  What better way to shop, knowing the gift you buy is already wanted and loved.  And what's better is there's no charge for the service.  If someone buys you something from your list, it will be removed to prevent duplicate presents and creates a thank you for you to send. 

Go and check it out

Tuesday's Tip

Have you ever had a bird poo on you? ... No? Well I have, on quite a few occasions, just a pity that the 'luck' doesn't fall with it!.  Recently I was in town on a beautiful sunny day when I was hit with the unfriendly fire, right down my cheek and neatly landed, down my t-shirt, inbetween my boobs.  I had to ask Mr World if a bird just poo'd on me as I wasn't quite sure just what had happened, it was all so quick.  He looked at me and we both burst out laughing, Yip, it was bulls eye.  I was just so thankful that it never went all over my hair or clothes, yes it was disgusting having poo down my chest but it was a hard lump, as apposed to the runny version, so ....okay I know - enough poo talk, you get the gist.  Just to add though... yes, I did play the lottery that evening, and no, I never won anything, nor did I even match one number, so was I lucky having a bird poo on me? I think not.
Today's Tip

Bird Droppings: to clean them off outdoors, simply spray it with full strength vinegar and wipe off, or spray onto cloth first then wipe.

Whilst you have the vinegar out why not clean your plastic garden furniture, spray with the vinegar and this will remove mildew and any build up of dirt.  The vinegar should also prevent the mildew reappearing for a while.

Hope you have a lucky day ;0)

And the winner is ...

The winner of the Nintendo Pouch Giveaway is ....

Well done ...

 Dottie Designs sells perfectly handmade Guest Books, Photo Albums and Keepsake Boxes.  She also personalises them for that unique gift.  Dottie also has a fab blog well worth checking out.

Thank you to the others who entered and for your lovely comments, Dottie your Pouch will be whisking it's way to you as soon as I have a postal address.