All the two's

22/02 how the days are passing quick!  Pity the weekends are even quicker, I tried very hard to chill out this weekend and to stay away from my cosy corner but it's SO difficult, I was itching to get a small handbag finished, I like to only make two of something - keeps the uniqueness and makes items all the more special i think. 

On saturday morning I had a trip to the post office, sending a purchase to a lovely customer, I took great pleasure wrapping it up, having discovered a great blog by PussyGalore, I'm thinking more about how my sales arrive, not that i would ever wrap an item in kitchen roll, yes- this really has happened to someone, no joke!! go visit PussyGalore's website and you'll see what I'm talking about. 

I've made new swing tags, using the reverse side of my business cards, and my card can be 'popped' back out again - simples.

In the evening Mr World took me out for a drive, nice to get out of the house for a while - I forget that there's a beautiful world right on my doorstop...I was so busy blethering away and looking out the window I'd forgotten to take pictures and then the sun began to fall behind the mountains - whoops! stop the car! My blog, my blog...I've got to take pictures (thank goodness Mr World is very understanding to my whimsical moments, and laughs along with me - although that's what he says, I'm sure it's AT ME)  We found ourselves looking over the cromarty firth, snowy mountains in the distance and oil rigs in the foreground, getting cleaned up and fixed before sailing off around the world again.

And so back to me Monday is cleaning out the fridge day, writing my menu for the week (grocery shopping tomorrow) and checking the calender for any up and coming birthdays.  None this week, phew - no pressure to make a quick gift,  still finishing off my daughter's friends gift - here's a sneak peak.

So guys enjoy your Monday, whatever you do - do it with a smile x

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kerrymac76 said...

In case anyone is wondering what this is, it's a hot water bottle for my daughter with her intial in the middle. She abosolutely loves it and takes it to bed every hight even though she has an electric blanket!! A wonderful gift to give someone and always great for cuddling. Big thank you to Marice for this. xxx