Leaf prints

I've had a limited amount of this gorgeous leaf print fabric for a few months now, in black, red and duck egg blue.

So recently, after almost resigning it to the 'too nice to use' pile (yes i know that sounds ridiculous) I made some new bags with them.

Red is my favourite colour, but this time I think the blue one is nicest...i especially like the lining.

Anyone for tea? This was part of my nana's tea set, tea always tastes better in a 'real' cup don't you think?


haptree said...

They're really pretty bags - and well done on the badge adding thing! Have you got a badge you would like me to put onto CBuk in exchange?

Fleur de Perles said...

What a fantastic idea to photograph your bag with your nana's tea cup. Its so pretty like that! I like it.