Sunnyside up! No, not the eggs...

Okay so my title may seem a little confusing at the moment...  The kids have had a few days off school and returned today...which means I can grab a couple of peaceful hours to catch up with neglected 'to do' lists.

In between pancake day (hilariously disasterous - see mystery blob below), sleep-overs and generaly running riot - the kids that is, not me, I did manage to come up with some new ideas for my fact I went to sleep thinking about it and woke up saying 'yip I got it'.  Now this never usually happens to me, so I was very grateful that my brain seems to be in good working order, after all it is getting rather old (now all I'm waiting for is the 'wise' bit to kick in!).

I set to work, as soon as I could, translating my thoughts onto paper...and was rather pleased with my results.  It was after reading discussions on folksy about USP (thats unique selling point to you and me) that made me re-think what I was creating, hmm...I don't have a brand, a logo, something you could instantly recognise that was mine, so I'll be trying out different techniques over the next few weeks and finger crossed I'll come up with something that speaks, no, sings to me.

My frustration this week has been photographs, when there's no sun and the house lights are just too harsh I felt very let down that I couldn't do my new cards justice, and then I remembered I read a section on haptree's blog entitled photo tips.  It is full of tips about getting the best out of natural light as well as photo editing.   I had great fun playing around with the different techniques and certainly learnt a few things along the way, and just as I was about to begin editing again today - well I didn't have to, why you may ask? when I had such fun? well because the sun eventually came out - hence sunnyside up - hooray!


Fleurs de Perles said...

Just LOL! @ that poor pancake!! :)

It did turn out to be a lovely sunny day :) I really like your Days of Old card and the photos look good.

I enjoyed the giggle this gave me. Cheers.

... p.s. mmm..@ over-easy eggs! ;)

haptree said...

Had my pancakes cooked for me :o) Thanks for the link!

Dottie Designs said...

Oops sorry, was trying to edit and deleted!
Great blog, I'm off to look at the link for taking photos - Thanks!