Busy week sewing

It's been a busy old week for me, i had birthday cards to make and handbags to sew.  I seem to have an endless list of orders at the moment but i'm certainly not complaining!!  I do thrive on being kept busy.

This is a custom bag in the making, using new material...I'm not really one for black, I try to avoid it at all costs, especially in the clothes department, although one does have a LBD of course.  My customer asked for black and white - i hope she likes it, I think it's turned out rather well.  Sadly I don't have any more photos of it - I was so excited packaging the bag that I'd forgotten - whoops - won't be doing that again, lesson learnt.

Little Miss World had out-grown her favourite pink denim skirt and to say she was sad about this was an understatement.  I only notice the other day when she put it on...hmm it looked more like a belt!! I must be getting old LOL.

I let her loose on an old pair of jeans, kindly donated by Mr World, cutting out squares and so with a few stitches and some pretty pink gingham everyone was happy again in Marice's World.

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haptree said...

good thinking on the dress, my daughter grows up but not out an just refuses to part with any of her clothes!