Challenging myself...

I love to make I'm sure most of you lovely readers do to, and I'm very good at slipping into the same old 'comfy' makes, the ones where I know what the outcome will be, but with a slight twist.

I've been challenged to make a new style bag, for a lovely lady, who has predetermined idea of what she would like...if only I could jump inside her head for a moment - just to catch a fleeting glimpse...that would be fab, make my task ahead easier.

Will I manage to interpret her ideas?  I'm only used to my own pictures flashing round my head, but worse than that...she wants a...a...a ZIP! Now this scares me.  I have sewn zips in before but the margin for error when I do them is HUGE.  So it's fingers, legs and toes crossed for me x

These are my work in progress photos (the first is a matching purse) and if I have them up for all to see, then I know I have to get it finished, helps me keep focused on the task ahead.  What helps you keep focused?  Or are you blessed with boundless energy and motivation? ....Marice x

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