A new hobby...and I didn't even realise!

Last night Miss World asked me if I check on her, and her brother, after they have fallen asleep.  "Of course I do" I replied.  Now I could tell from her expression that she was eagerly awaiting a fuller explanation, so naturally I endulged her. 
Well Honey Bunny, I go over to your bed.... I showed her how I tuck her in, how I gently move her hair off her face, plant a kiss on her and give her back a wee rub.  With a beaming smile across her face, hanging on to my every word, she was still eagerly looking at me for further explanation...silly me had not completed my routine! I had not shown what I do with her brother....and so I acted out the rest...
"Mummy, what will happen if you forget to check on us at night?  "Oh but I never forget" I tell her...the conversation went on as she was determined to get a reply to what would happen should I ever forget.  Again I said I never forget, and that I couldn't possibly go to sleep knowing that I hadn't checked on them.  "So Mummy, if you never forget, is it like a hobby to you?"...trying hard not to laugh, I simply replied "Yes, I suppose it is Honey Bunny, a hobby is doing something you enjoy doing because you love it, and I enjoy checking on you and your brother because I love you".

So there you have it, I have another hobby and didn't even realise.
Photos were taken by the little worlds...of their new easter additions to the family x

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Annabel said...

love it! kids never fail to amaze and bring out the best in you