Oh what a beautiful morning....

YIPEE!!!... blue skies are here, the temperature is rising...it can only mean one thing - no, no, not topless gardeners like in desperate housewives - seriously ladies thats wishfull thinking and I'm a respectable girl!!  It's time to pull the plug on the electricity guzzleing tumble dryers and get the washing out on the line...

If you saw my teasing sneak preview earier this week...did you guess what i was making?  Pat on the back and a HUGE swig of wine if you did,  oh maybe you're psychic? (any chance of the lotto numbers? I promise to do good with it - honest) ...anyway back to my shamless plug...introducing my new peg bag, if you fancy it, you can get your hands on it with just a click of the button, hmm okay 2 clicks, cause you'd have to 'add' it to your cart :0)  

And so to Mother's Day...I made my Mum a card ages ago but she saw it, so i pretended it was for my Folksy Shop, bit of surprise laugh tomorrow then when she opens it.  I've also made her a bag, Mum picked the material, so i know she'll like it.

I used a different part of the pattern for the reverse side, kind of jealous now - with all the nautical fashions available, navy and white are going to be a big part of the summer trend...maybe Mum won't notice if I just give her the other items I bought to put inside...LOL.

So to all you Mummies have a fab day and to all you daughters / sons, treat your Mum like a princess for the day....go on, it's only happens once every 365 days.....xxx

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Hali said...

I really think your mom will love that bag. Hope you have a wonderful mother's day. Come to think of it. I should start thinking about what to get my mom.

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