Folksy Friday

Pay day for a lot of people is at the end of the month and probably seems a long way off...and for those of you who aren't working at the moment pay day is even further I thought this week I'd show you some super bargains of pretty things for £5 and under...go on treat yourself with this weeks folksy friday bargains

impress your guests...£4.99

Stunning Thrifted Butterfly Notecard from Wrapped up with String
It's so pretty I think I'd frame it...£3.50

Toffee HooterNinnies  from Oddsox
He only eats herbs & chillies, dried or fresh, so easy to look after...£5.00

Be different and unique...£5.00

Lovely addition to any dresser, or workstation, and it's lined...£3.50

Perfect for a little ME time, YES there is 8!!...£2.25

Perfectly cute for looking after your pennies...£4.50

Cat Lover Sticky Notes by Keep It In a Frame
Tina also stocks one for dog lovers...£2.50

 and finally a luxurious gift bag to put your purchase in...£2.50

So go on spend a little and live a lot!
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x marice x


FairlyGirly said...

I love your selection, I already have a hooterninnie ;-0)Have a great weekend. x

odd.sox said...

Wow, loads of good things here, definitely off to investigate those bath bombs at Soak Sensations. And thank you for including one of my HooterNinnies! x

Mrs Mac said...

You've found some fantastic bargains! Thank you for including my pear :o)

averilpam said...

Thanks for including my gift bags with all those lovely gift ideas!
pam x

Anonymous said...

great choice, the bath bombs look great.

haptree said...

Thanks Marice :o)Under a fiver - a great theme!

BeadyPool said...

Nice choices for a Folksy friday. Lovely to see some affordable nice items.

Dannie said...

You've found some really lovely things! Some real bargains if you ask me.

Sarah said...

Aww thanks so much for featuring me! Lovely selection :) I especially like the Toffee HooterNinnies!

Sarah x

Leanne said...

I may be having some bath bombs too, though Chloe pilfered my last batch:) She has a thing for the fizzies.

maricesworld said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments ladies...I do love reading them, seems everyone loves the bath bombs, infact I'm off there now too...marice x

Ann said...

Lovely selection of affordable goodies. I especially like the notecard.
Thank you for featuring some of my bath bombs (I have loads more to list in the next couple of weeks) x