Folksy Friday

folksy friday returns this week and the theme is "QUOTES"

It's rather difficult to read from some of the pictures, due to the size I reduced them too,
so just click on the picture as they're definitely worth a look...

Bob Dylan quote purse, JayGo. £8.99 Sewing mends the soul, Hello Monkey £12
Lazy Boy Original Art, Simple Kid Industries £5 Postcard / Notecard, Smart Creative £4.00
Life moves pretty fast, Wall Envy Art £13

Why not see what other Folksters are showcasing just click on the linky ;0)


NoodleBubble said...

Thanks for the linkydoo wotsit! x

Gemma said...

Lovely finds. I love the Dylan quote purse

OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

'Sewing mends the soul' by Hello Monkey - so true! Super choices. x