Tuesday's Tips

... on a Wednesday ;0)

A couple of quick tips today.  Now to many of you my tips may seem obvious or something you've always done, but as I'm still settling into my role of housekeeper and Mum, I'm just sharing the little things that have helped me along my way. 

I'm a reasonably good cook, but I don't feel very confident in the kitchen, however I have no problem with baking and I love it, love it, love it.  I love baking with the kids too, they do all the hard work while I manage the 'damage control limitation', putting all the ingredients away and washing up as we go along. 

So back to the cooking, I was boiling eggs for our salad at the weekend, and one of them cracked.  My eggs were at room temperature, I don't store them in the fridge like most people seem to do, I don't know why I don't, other than they look pretty in the wicker basket I have, hmm now I've written that I'm not sure that's good enough reason not to chill them lol.  When I put the eggs in the boiling water I always dip them in and out a couple of times to get the eggs used to the heat, but alas one burst.  Then I was told to add salt to stop the egg white leaking out all over the pan and sticking to the other eggs and it worked a treat.  This is one tip I'll be using again as I always have one egg that cracks in the pan, I also boil one more egg than I need - as a just in case.  Before my salt episode I kept trying vinegar but it never worked for me.  I maybe should have paid more attention, all those years ago, in Home Economics class and I probably would have known this.

To accompany the salad, we had bread which was not as fresh as when bought, again somebody came to the rescue and sprinkled a little water over it, wrapped the bread in tin foil and put it in the oven for about 10minutes and voila lovely warm 'fresh' bread again.  Oh I do love summer salads, almost as much as winter soups.

I'd appreciate any tips you'd like to share, maybe you could do a guest spot giving some of your favourite tips and tricks you've used? 

Hope you have a happy Wednesday x

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NoodleBubble said...

Loving Tuesdays Tips - really want to do something like this on my blog but never know what day it is -

really made me laugh when I re read the top. YES, it is Wednesday isn't it?!