Aah...it's good to be back

Guess the weight of the cake - which I won!!
3lb 12oz of delicious chocolate

Phew... what an exhausting few weeks I've had, now it's all my own fault though, as I'm a 'yes' person who can never say no!  We had our Community Conga last week and I'm pleased, very very pleased,  to say it was a massive success.  Just before the conga, myself and a couple of others were doing last minute duties at the community centre, checking that everything was in place for when we finished the conga.  Anyway we left with 15 minutes to spare, to get ourselves to the local primary school where we were due to start, we all chatted nervously on route, praying that some people had turned up, a few would be good - a small crowd even better as we'd invited the local press and the Provost and also to keep the sceptics quiet (you know the ones who have no faith in any community spirit!!!) 

Provost Jimmy Gray
So there we were, steps away from the school and with bated breath turned the corner... to our astonishment there was loads of people already gathered - I have to admit at this point I began to think oh oh, are we prepared for this? We had no idea how many people, if any, would turn out. 

Only photo I managed to get of the Conga
this is only a small section of the residents

Over 200 people joined our conga, and a further 150 arrived at the centre for the evenings entertainment, which was provided by the groups who use the community centre.  I was so over whelmed with the turn out that I had to fight back the tears as we conga'd along, it was even more special with the 2 Pipers, from the local Cadets, who had come along to lead the way.  The night just flashed before my eyes, and although it was brilliant, sadly I never had a moments peace to take in what a fantastic night we had planned - nothing like blowing your own trumpet eh lol.  Considering we never organised it as a fundraiser we still managed to raise over £150, which will go straight back into the community to organise further events.  On a personal note it was a huge learning curve for me, I'm not the most 'forward' of people, don't like the sound of my own voice, dislike phonecalls - my Mum is the only person who can get more than a 30 second telephone conversation out of me, hate speaking to a group of people, one or two is okay any more and I clam up, but thanks to the fabulous friends, neighbours and residents I met on the evening I managed to keep it together and put my own insecurties aside.

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Sue, Lynwoodcrafts said...

Well Done! Very often people just don't know how to get involved and just need someone to lead the way. What a success!