Tuesday's Tips

I love seeing a load of white washing drying on the line, only problem I have is my whites are not as brilliant white as the day they were bought, more like a pale grey! Not all of them go that way, but once in a while I have been known to throw all the colours in together for quickness and my whites loose their sparkle.  My Nana would not be amused with me I bet, her wash day is a Friday, always has been, slaving over the wash tub all day.  When I bought my first home I inherited my grandparents old twin tub, and boy was that fun!  I grew to love it though, as I was very grateful I didn't have to hand wash everything.  Certainly makes me appreciate how much efficient my current washing machine is.

And so to today's Tuesday Tip # 1

This is for an overnight soak.  Put your washing into the machine, along with a scoop of Napisan and your usual washing powder.  (I haven't used Napisan since my children were babies and had forgotten all about it.)  Start your machine on your normal cycle.  Once the machine has gone through most of the cycle, but is still full of water, and before it begins to spin, turn the machine off.  The whites will now sit in the solution overnight and in the morning you can switch the machine back on to complete the cycle.

All sounds very easy...I've yet to try it but Napisan is on my grocery list now so I'll let you know next week how I get on.  And if that fails...

Tuesday Tip # 2

If the above doesn't work for you and your underwear is still that awful grey colour then there's still hope.  Soak them in water overnight with 8 tea bags, and in the morning you should have lovely 'nude' coloured underwear.

Well worth a try I think...any one for tea?


Pins and Needles said...

ahahah what a brilliant idea! my whites arent exactly white either so i will definitely give tip1 a go.

thanks for the info

Sue, Lynwoodcrafts said...

Let me know how it goes on. Our last load of whites had mysterious brownish splodges on them. We have a suspicion that OH may have spilt his mug of tea on the way to the garden and not bothered to mention it having wrongly assumed that the basket was full of laundry waiting for the machine rather than the iron - no actual evidence or confessions yet though!