Veggie Patch - coming on nicely ;0)

Mr World is my hero... he made a raised bed for our vegetable patch out of wood which was lying around our garden.  Actually it was stored by our shed, in the 'one day it will have a great purpose in life' pile.  I'm just glad that this particular wood did find it's calling in life, sadly there are still many bits without a purpose, every time I pass I do whisper 'don't worry your day will come' what they don't know is that they'll probably end up as kindlers...shh ;0)
Photo taken 10 days ago

Introducing....... from left to right: leeks, spring onions, carrot, beetroot and at the back lettuce.  What's great about them all is a) I like eating them all,  b) I never spent a penny on them - nor did I steal them! freebies & gifts  and c) I have a fabulous recipe for beetroot cake.  If you've never tried it before it's an experience in itself, I'll post the recipe at a later date, naturally there's chocolate involved too.

up to date photo and carrots coming on nicely

I'd love to take credit for the patch but well...em...I didn't even get my fingers dirty yet... yes - Mr World again, so much for my great plans of conquering the green fingered foliage lol.

Spring onions popping out in the middle row
 you may have to squint your eyes to see them ha ha

Most of the seedlings have been transferred now into the bed, there's still more carrots and broccoli in their pots, think we've actually ran out of space - maybe that other bits of wood will get a new lease of life soon (hint hint Mr World!!)

Lettuce ready for planting now too
Hopefully not too much love and attention from me is needed, although I did promise myself to 'make' the time to do gardening this year.  If only I could rustle up a few extra hours in the day - life would simply be perfect... actually on second thoughts, even if I could manage on less sleep that would be helpful... the kids manage it, why can't I ?!

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Sue, Lynwoodcrafts said...

Nothing like home grown veg. Chocolate and beetroot cake is wonderful - our main reason for growing beetroot.