Making a pouch for Nintendo DS Part 3

Almost finished our pouches now, just the front flap and closure to make.

Take the remaining two pieces of fabric.  Line up alongside the made pouch, you want the front flap to be able to fold over in between the two straps, so you'll need to trim a bit off.  With right sides together stitch along 3 sides, leaving one of the short sides open to enable turning right way.

To attach the flap to the pouch, lay it on top of the pouch, as if it were open and sew along the top (open) edge.  This also closes the raw, open edge of the flap.  Now for the finishing touches.  Sew a piece of elastic and a button on the front to close.  Tidy up any threads using a needle and pulling threads inside pouch before snipping excess.

Ta da ... there you have it, a pouch to carry your DSI in safely.  I incorporated a game pocket inside in my kids pouches, it's easily done when you are forming the lining and before attaching it to the main pouch.  So there's still time to get stitching before the holidays and your DSI will be carried safely around - great if you're away on holiday too.
To win this pouch... 
all you have to do is leave a comment below to be entered,
and I'll draw a winner on Sunday 31st July 2010.

Here's the pictures of Miss and Master World's pouches I made before they went on holiday, and I'm very pleased to say they loved them.  What's more is they managed not to loose the little stylus or their spare games - phew, definitely worth making them just for that! 


greatgreenltd said...

Wow they look good and so handy too. My 2 older grandchildren have DS`s. Linda

littleshop said...

I love these! Our three girls all have Ds's and they are so cool Abi x

Dottie Designs said...

They look fab! We have a stylus issue in our house, with them always being lost!

Cool idea and appealing too, both my boys would like camouflage and they turn their noses up at most things!!

Dottie x

melike said...

pink bag very nice, congratulate...