Tuesday's Tips

Little tip about batteries today.  Don't throw them out when you they run out as it depends on what they are being used to power.  For example when your Wii controllers begin to stop working there could be enough power left in the battery to run a clock for a few months.  Although remember not to mix old and new batteries together though, as they can ignite, rupture or leak... nasty stuff!! :0(

Hand Felted Wall Clock by Kelly Connor Designs at Folksy.com
Well worth a try and remember not to put batteries in with the household rubbish.  They need to be disposed of correctly, as they contain elements which are hazardous to the environment.  Whilst the exact chemical make-up varies from type to type, most batteries contain heavy metals, which are the main cause for environmental concern. When disposed of incorrectly, these heavy metals may leak into the ground when the battery casing corrodes. This can contribute to soil and water pollution and endanger wildlife. Cadmium, for example, can be toxic to aquatic invertebrates and can bio-accumulate in fish, which damages ecosystems and makes them unfit for human consumption. Some batteries, such as button cell batteries, also contain mercury, which has similarly hazardous properties.  So save our poor wee planet and do the right thing, dispose of batteries correctly.  Here's a link to Recycle Now, where you can find out where you can safely put your batteries.

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Sam said...

Oh my goodness, I love that clock!
I have a little tub for nearly-worn-out batteries, but I ended up buying lots of rechargable ones - easier in the end!

Sam x (A Simple Melody)