Tutorial: make a Nintendo DS Pouch part 2

I'll jump straight back in where I left off last week....  ;0)

Having constructed the pouch, it's time to make the lining.  You'll need a piece of material, bigger than twice the size of your pouch.  I don't use measurements for the lining, I make them to suit.  Fold you material in half, right sides together.  Place your pouch along the fold, saves stitching another seam, and draw the outline.  Stitch along the outline, making sure you leave a large gap at the bottom, this is so once you have attached the lining, you can pull the pouch through the gap, and you're pouch won't be inside out.

Snip off the excess material.  Place the pouch inside the lining, right side of lining are next the right sides of pouch.  Tuck in the straps, now this may be rather tight as the straps are quite long and the pouch is small but if you don't tuck them in correctly you won't be able to turn your pouch the right way after stitching and /or the straps will be stitched inside and you can't use them.  What to do is push in the straps and then make sure the straps (where they are attached to the pouch) are tucked down neatly on either side. 

We are going to sew along the top of the pouch to the lining, but miss out the sides where the straps are so they can be pulled through after turning.  Once sewn, you can turn the pouch through the gap we left,  and push lining into the pouch, as we used the pouch as a template it should be a perfect fit.

The two strap edges of the lining are needing attached to the pouch.  Fold the lining inwards, to make a neat edge.  I iron them down to keep them in place, instead of using pins.  Now whilst sewing around the entire top of the pouch, we will incorporate the two 'strap edges' still not stitched.

Feel free to get in touch if you need any help, not sure how clear my instructions are as I never follow any!  Next week is the last part where we'll be making the front flap and button closure and of course the Giveaway for the pouch I've used in this demo. ;0)

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