Tuesday's Tip

We're into our 4th week of our summer holidays now, and surprisingly I have not pulled any of my hair out ...yet! ha ha.  Although I may start very soon, but not because the kids are playing up, I've discovered these strange long, thick, curly, white hairs which Mr World described as fishing wire - nice eh!  My 'normal' hair is long, brown and wavy... these little long buggers are multiplying and fast.  I liked my white hairs when they were well hidden under my fringe however on finding one of the fishing wires attached to my head, springing straight up,  I soon realised they are all over.  Hmm, am I bothered? I really don't know.  I suffer from 'know one can tell my age, or even guess close'.  You see I still get asked for I.D. when buying alcohol (so does that mean I look 17?)  I went to the bookies a couple of weeks ago (to place a bet for some else, not me honest!) and was refused as I didn't appear to be 25, and yet last weekend one of Mr World's friends I was introduced to, although he knew Mr World was younger than me, placed me at around 40!  I'd like to think that I have a youthful look but with a wise old head on my shoulders lol ;0)

Back to the summer holidays... Today's tip is a boredom buster.  Make a board game.  It doesn't take as long as you'd think and the only limit is your imagination. 

We started with an A3 size of paper, if you don't have a large piece then you could use a sheet of wrapping, wall paper or tape 4x A4 pages together.  While we were having a chat about what we would like to have in our game, we designed the counters.  Miss World had a good idea to use buttons on them, gives little fingers something to grab onto when counting out their turn.  Once you have the counters you can draw the squares to fit your counters.

We decided a house for the start, going over a river, through a play park and ice cream was the finish.  Not wanting the kids to get bored too quickly we didn't make a plan, just dived straight in and started drawing, colouring and used some stamps for quickness too.

Making forfeit cards was a good idea too as these can be changed or added too.  I found having 32 squares keeps it short enough to hold young ones attention.  If you don't have a dice available either use an old box or cut out a hexagon from card and push a cocktail stick through the middle using it as a spinner.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway ... a handy Pouch for a Nintendo DS, scroll down to the end of the tutorial and all I'm asking is you leave a comment.  Hope you're enjoying you're week... and my real age? 34 well for now- it's my birthday soon. :0)

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