Will my fingers ever turn green?

Having lived in my house for 10 years...I can't believe it's been that long... that bit of waste land surrounding my house, I think it's known as a garden!, has really been neglected.  I would love to have a prize winning garden, you know the kind, fabulously green lawn not forgetting the strips, with a floral borders, all my own herbs ready available and not prepacked rubbish from supermarkets, the pick of the crop of vegetables, ready whenever I want.  To date, I have not quite managed my dream, okay I've not really made an attempt, loads of excuses - of course - not enough time, not knowing what I'm doing, my fingers being forever blue (always cold but warm heart), lack of money and by the time I do get round to doing a spot of gardening, I've missed the planting season.

Last year I'd sown carrots and spring onions, which I was delighted with, especially as I had not put any effort into it at all, although I've come to realise that thinning carrots once they've grown a bit would have be an advantage to say the least!.  The previous year I grew lettuce, another lesson learnt though, as I hadn't staggered the planting and never quite thought ahead of what I would do with 20 lettuce all ready to use at the same time, after a few passed on the rest wilted and died a horrible neglected death.  Spring Onions harvested two years ago gave a grand crop of only 8?  Hmm, I'd like to say the seeds were of poor quality but in actual fact it's more likely that I hadn't prepared the soil or tended them very well, if at all.

This year I am going to try much harder, well any effort on my part will make a huge improvement.  I have found a fantastic book, The Veggie Growers' Bible by Lorraine Burn, it's exactly what I've always wanted.  Easy enough for me to understand, no 'big' words LOL, tells me what pests to watch out for, where to plant...all the basics on one page...care, sowing, planting, harvesting, pests, diseases, even crop rotation plans, I know, I know - I'm getting ahead of myself here but I might as well think big even though I only do small.  Full of easy to follow symbols - even the kids are able to use and understand it!  Thats left me with no excuses for not having the garden of my dreams.  The only problem I have at the moment is the weather, snow, but it doesn't stop me from planning, and making lists (which I love doing) of where and what I'm going to plant, so watch this space.....to be continued :0)

ps. If you know me, please stop laughing, NO this isn't an April fools - I really am going to have a wonderful garden this year!!!


Katrinshine said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! Your words are warm up my heart!
Buona Pasqua!

averilpam said...

I've had some pathetic attempts at growing veg, my carrots, planted in a trough, grew to around 1 inch maximum! All my lettuce went bitter (not sure why that happens), and tomatoes all got blight. The only thing that always does fairly well is runner beans,
pam x

maricesworld said...

Oh dear, glad to hear it's not just me then..I never thought of runner beans, I'll maybe give that a go and hopefully it's fool proof! thanks pam x