Eagle, Butterfly, Caterpillar

We're in week two of the holidays, I'm suffering from 'crafting' withdrawls, I haven't had any spare time as I'm filling it all with playtime, whoopee I do love being a big kid, well they won't be little for long.... before I know it my kids probably won't even want to speak to me let alone play!   This is when I'll pray all the ground work for open discussions and communication will pay off and they will always be able to talk to me.  So back to the title, I thought I'd share a game that my kids (aged 7&5) and I play in moments of boredom / or for distraction ....

It's basically a hide and seek game.  You hide something small and shiney - we use an old key - and then one person hides it.

If it's hidden up high, the 'hider' says it's eagle, where an eagle would soar and spot it.  If it's hidden in middle height of room, it's butterfly, where they can flutter and see it.  and as you've probably guessed...caterpillar is hidden down low, on the floor, where a caterpillar can find it.

You can also use the usual 'hot' and 'cold' directions too...have fun with it and make up your own rules.  It's far easier than playing indoor hide and seek, especially when I don't quite fit into all the small hidey holes these days.  If you've any games / boredom buster ideas...I'd love to hear them x

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Sue, Lynwoodcrafts said...

Lovely idea Marice - we always used a thimble. Yes, you must enjoy the time when they're young. Unfortunately Mum and Dad stop being 'Cool' (except when hungry or broke) somewhere about the age of 13. Then the hard work really starts - trying to let them have freedom gently and gradually while still giving support and still being able to say 'NO' and mean it! Having said that I enjoy my two more now than ever.