If you want to get ahead, get a ...

I love hats, hats of any kind, or hairbands.  My Nana always wore a hat, I was lucky enough to inherit some of her fabulous hats, and I'm very rarely seen without a hat on.  So my folksy friday offering is...you've already guessed haven't you ... Hats and Hair bands.

Urban Twist Headband in Cream from Chelsuba
Very funky original design.

Green Tweed Cloche Hat from Moaning Minnie Designs
I fell in love with this hat when I first saw it.

Equally sassy whether you wear her with a nice dress or jeans and a jacket.

Flower Headband from iEllie
Beautiful headband, knitted from soft acrylic yarn.

Cute upcycled hairband, your choice of gold, silver or bronze band.

What bad hair day couldn't be solved with a butterfly and a flower?

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Happy Easter
...and I couldn't leave you without a cute Easter Chick from The Hunny Bunny Company xx


averilpam said...

I love that cute chick!
I always wear a hat when it's cold but they never suit me. the butterfly hairband is lovely,
pam x

Cakes Knits and Cosies said...

What a great folksy friday - some fab head gear and a cute little chick too xx

Mrs Mac said...

The green tweed hat is my favourite, and that easter chick is so cute!

Sketchstitch said...

Lovely collection- Lupins hairband with butterfly and flower is beautiful.

Sue, Lynwoodcrafts said...

Lovely choices Marice!

Quincifer said...

I wish I suited hats because these are lovely!

odd.sox said...

Green Tweed please - love that one with it's big show-off buckle! x

Anonymous said...

love the green tweed hat, perfect for the cold blustery days. Have a wonderful Easter!