Easy peasy lemon squeezy

I'm not a big fan of housework, but I do have to live in a clean house.  I can't relax in the evening knowing there's housework to be done, yes I know 'it'll still be there tomorrow' and 'no one ever died wishing that their home was cleaner'.  Once upon a time I was obsessed with having a clean & tidy home - looking back on those days though I had no other focus, unlike now where playing with the kids, spending quality time with my partner and having me time (my crafting) is top of the list.  So in my effort to cut as many corners as possible and end up with the same results, this is one of my favourite cleaning tips. 

My microwave is used mainly to heat up left overs and the obligatory baked beans, somehow I always manage to buy exploding beans which just love to plaster themselves all over the insides.  So the easiest way I've found to clean the grime is to use lemon juice, and very, very little elbow grease.

I put about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a little microwave bowl, place it inside on the turntable and switch it on for 2 minutes.  Take a damp cloth and wipe down, if the splatters don't come off easily, then put the bowl with the lemon back in and reheat for another 30secs to minute, repeat as necessary.  All being well it should take no time to clean. 
BEFORE: a very embarrassing picture of the inside ceiling of my microwave.
AFTER: all I did was one quick wipe to demonstrate how easy removing the splatters is,
of course you can take more time to get it uber clean.

Please take care as the lemon can become very hot, the measurements and times used are suitable to me and I cannot accept responsibility for any mishaps,my tips are given in good faith.


Kelly said...

This is how I clean my microwave too!!
My friend recently cleaned her whole kitchen top to bottom using only natural cleaners she made herself!!

Dottie Designs said...

I'm off to give it a go! Thanks for the tip!

Sue, Lynwoodcrafts said...

This is one of my favourites - cos it takes so little effort. The smell of the lemon is great for neutralizing fish odours. I sometimes add herbs or spices to get a slightly different 'scent'.

niftyknits said...

excellent tip - I'll tell the husband/housekeeper :-)

Jo Clarke said...

Lovely tip, I'm going to try it, always seem to have a lemon lurking in the fridge!