Lucky me look what I got in Big Blog Card Swap

I've never 'done' a swap before - bit scared of the unknown I guess, aren't we all sometimes? What if my swap item(s) are good enough? What if I packed too little or indeed too much into the parcel?  Will the other person like it?  And worst still what if they didn't and blogged about it - ARGH! My worst nightmare...okay, I reckon the last one may just be my imagination running away with me but if you're a 'swap virgin' I can assure you it can seem very real.  Sarah from Wrapped up with String and Naomi from Leaves in the spring held the swap and dutifully organised it all...BIG thank you to you both x

I was SO excited when I saw my envelope arrive and even MORE excited when I saw it was from Mary, who sells her cards under the name of Quite Contrary Crafts on Folksy.  What a brilliant name for her shop.  As you can see she makes the most beautiful cards, which she hand-cuts by herself with her craft knife.  A very talented lady I think you'd agree.

I love cake, who doesn't?! so I reckon it's the most perfect card in the whole world for me.  I just don't think I'll be able to part with it so would it be weird to 'send' it to myself lol ;0). Mary - Thank you very much for the yummy card - it's very much appreciated and will be forever admired x.   

And so on to the card I made for Jenny from New Zealand.  I received a comment on my blog from her today so I know it's safe to show it now.

I'm in love with these polka dot buttons at the moment, hmm - don't know why I said at the moment, more like obsessed ALL the time.  I really didn't know where to start when making it so I picked 3 buttons and took it from there.
I can safely say, now that my 'cherry' has been popped - so to speak - that I'm definitely up for doing more swaps. Do you hear that Sarah?! Naomi?! are you listening - I want another swap please cause this was SO much fun!.


Sarah said...

Wow! Both those cards are absolutely gorgeous!! Gosh everyone's so talented, it's definitely going to get me upping my game haha! I love the colour combination of your card, it's beautiful :)

So glad you enjoyed the swap - thank you so much for joining in!

Sarah x

FairlyGirly said...

Glad you enjoyed the swap, both cards are lovely.

Jenny said...

Just reading your comments and smiling. Have gone through the same panic when sending my card out!

Bluebelle said...

Those cards are gorgeous! Thank you for joining in and posting this lovely post! It was my first swap too, and I was nervous that my person might not like my card too...way to dive in at the deep end huh?!


Quite Contrary Crafts said...

Thank you Marice for your kind words - definitely sounds like the cake went to a very good home! :) And I love your card too - especially the buttons, can't beat anything with buttons!
Here's to the next card swap, thanks guys for organising!
Mary (Quite Contrary) x