Tuesday's Tip - reducing air pollution

Am I the only person who didn't fully understand the importance of indoor plants?  I have done a bit of reading into this and have found out some interesting facts.  Now I do remember, albeit vaguely, learning about plants and how they increase oxygen levels some 20 'odd' years ago!.  I've discovered that the first body of people to compile a list of air cleaning plants was NASA, (yes, really) they were researching ways to clean air in space stations.

Compared to buying an air purifying machine, plant are by far cheaper, costs less to run and will probably last longer than any machine.  Recommendations are approximately one plant for each 100 square feet in your home.  Bad chemicals such as formaldehyde, tetrachloride and benzene, can be totally eliminated when soil microbes and plant roots work together.  Pretty amazing stuff if you ask me.


Ivy plants         keep an Ivy plant in your kitchen to offset
                         benzene from your gas hob.
Spider plants    absorb formaldehyde from new paper, books,
                         cardboard and computers.

Both these plants absorb fumes from carbon monoxide, oils and gasoline.

For more reading here's a link
I'd love to hear your stories about which plants you have in your home and why? 


Christals Creations said...

I have a fern in my kitchen. It is the longest living plant i've kept. It is a cutting from a fern that was originally in my great grandmothers garden, my Dad has a big one and gave us all a cutting. So glad i've managed to keep it alive!
Fiona @ Christals Creations.

Sue, Lynwoodcrafts said...

great suggestions. I didn't know my computer gave off formaldehyde. Help! My husband's a printer so he inhabits a world of work full of new paper and board. The gas hob I vaguely knew about. Better check our insurance policies I think!

Your home must be a lovely haven - I did start tidying the conservatory this morning and then got distracted by something I'd forgotten to finish!( There are some good plants in there though!)

maricesworld said...

@Fiona: wow, what a fabulous way to keep the family memory alive with a plant through the generations - I wish I'd rescued a plant from my Nana's now. I'll ask my Mum if she has a plant I can get a cutting from and start our family 'tree' so to speak. Thank you so much for sharing your story and wonderful idea. Marice x

maricesworld said...

@Sue: I was shocked with my findings of the poisonous chemicals in our homes, and here's me thinking that was the kind of chemicals you only find in cigarettes!

I usually manage to kill plants after a couple of years (no idea how I do it?) However my green fingered friends are jealous of my purple/ pink orchid, I got it as a Mother's Day present 5 years ago and amazingly it's survived, still flowers beautifully when everyone else's withers. (No idea how I do that either lol) Marice x

Christals Creations said...

Now i'm jealous all my orchids have died. . .
I managed with the listings ok until today, I am out of pre-made ready to sell so I need to make something but little one not about to let that happen, so it'll be a late one today. . .
Thinking I need a plant for my living room now to absorb som e of these gases.