Catching up...

I've finished the bag that was commissioned, and I was so excited to hand it over I'd forgotten the finished project photographs - gggrrrrrrr I'm very annoyed with myself.  Luckily I have some work in progress photos.
This was the last picture I'd taken, I hadn't finished the side ribbons, or tidied up all the loose threads, but I think you can get the 'jist' of what I was making.
Having always stayed away from inserting zips, I found it a good challenge for myself, and was pleased with the results.  I'm not one for following patterns, I like to figure things out for myself, and do the old trial and error.  I made a prototype first and then had a bash at the new design.
I love making the finishing touches, here I'd used felt, a button from my late Nana's collection I'd inherited and micro dot ribbon from Patch Fabric & Haberdashery.  I've made this a removable brooch, it's amazing how a simple change of accessory can transform a bag.  So I handed it off to a very happy customer - much to my relief !! and promptly announced I will not be making any more of this much as I enjoyed the challenge, and it certainly was a challenge, I found it took up too much of my time.  I know what your thinking though - with practise it's become easier - yeah that's true, I just don't have any spare time to practise at the moment.

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