Mucking in and making a difference

As usual time just seems to fly past me, a much neglected blog and folksy at the moment but it's for a good cause - if I say that often enough then it will be true.  In my 'real' life I currently have my fingers in many different pies so to speak.  I'm one of those people who, if I have nothing to do, get easily bored.  Most recent project I've taken on is that I'm Secretary of a new Community Group, it's all voluntary and I do enjoy mucking in and trying to make a difference, so with it in the early stages there's a lot of setting up and planning of community activities. 

Entrance to our local woods

We've already begun with beginning a tidy up of our local woods, which we are very fortunate to have on our doorstep.  It's a work in progress, and always will be, lots of great ideas for bird and bat boxes, planting wild flowers and fruit bushes, all just needs co-ordinating now.  I'm amazed at how much there is to do now I've started delving into the possibilities.  Next week we're having a Community Conga, just hope the sun is shining, and we're ending up in the community centre for hopefully a BBQ, if I can get an answer from the company involved, and demonstrations from some of the groups which use our centre. 

I've found it rather frustrating that many groups, organisations or companies can't even be bothered to answer any communications we have with them.  Does anyone else find this? That common courtesy seems to have disappeared?  I've found it's an uphill struggle trying to get people involved in community projects.  From when I was first involved in toddler groups, to the school parent council and now our community group.  Some folk I've spoken to say that they just can't be bothered and ask why do I bother?  I bother because I want my kids to have the best chances in life, to show them that it's good to help others, to get off your bottom and be someone who makes a difference. 

I'm also hoping you lovely people may have ideas for fundraising, or know of any community blogs or web sites for examples of projects / activities we can carry out.  Whether it's ECO related, or people related, anything at all that could improve the lives of all who live in the community, bringing young and old together.

As from next week I'll be back to normal, blogging away, and if my plan goes well I'll have my first giveaway

chow for now Marice x


Christals Creations said...

Good Luck with your fundraising - cake sales, cofee mornings, raffles, is there a river you could have a duck race. .

maricesworld said...

You are a star!! yes we have a little burn running by our community centre, passing a pagan stone circle...what a brilliant idea having a duck race, and we could tidy up the area beforehand - bit of ECO work and having fun - genius! thank you xxx

Gracie said...

Sounds like you are busy doing lots of worthwhile work..good luck with it all. I'm afraid I haven't got any fundraising ideas..I'll have a little think!
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