Tuesday's Tip

First a quick update on my previous post...promise i won't bore you ...

The Eco friendly weedkiller.  3 weeks later and although 2 weeds have appeared, I can assure you there was more like 52 when I first started.  So I'm over the moon how it's worked.  I applied another lot of salt and boiling water, this time only to the 2 weeds I removed.  So this tip has a huge thumbs up, and I'll definitely be carrying on with this.
Secondly the loo roll air freshener, I found it worked really well.  My bathroom door is always open so the smell would have been stronger had it been kept shut, however I've no complaints as it did work a treat.  The lovely Sue, from Lynwoodcrafts, kindly pointed out that care should be taken when using oil in it's pure form, or the person using the last few sheets may get a surprise.  I wouldn't want to be responsible for any burnt or itchy bottoms.  ;0)

And so to today...not so much of a tip, but it's something I've done for as long as I can remember.  When filling up the tumble dryer (aah now, tumble dryers aren't the most eco friendly things, but needs must sometimes)  anyway... I always clear away the lint (fluffy stuff)...a) because if your machine is fluff free it performs better and more importantly b) I put it in the garden for the birds to use, they use it to line their nests.
 I sometimes pop it on the hedge beside the bird feeders, other days I just chuck it in the garden (depends on the mood - of me, not the birds!) either way I've seen them use it on many an occasion.  If you have tried any of my tips, I'd love to hear if they worked for you.

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